Beware The Wolf (Chapter I)

The last couple of weeks before the trip, the last week, the last couple of days, the last day.

He froze.

It was different. It was stressful. He felt rushed. It was inevitable. Time was passing. Passing fast. It was relentless. It didn't stop. It never paused. He was stressed. He was scared. He felt not ready. Underprepared. No time to sleep. No time to shower. No time to feel. No time to reflect. An impending doom. No backing out now. The time has come.

They scared him. They screamed beware. Beware the wolf. Beware the beasts. Beware your body. Beware. Beware...

He has a way. He never listens. He has a way. But it got to him.

Beware the road. Beware the heat. Beware the hunger. Beware the thirst. Beware the effort. It will break you down. Beware the effort. You have to rest. Beware your body. It cannot take. He never listens. But it got to him. He never listens. But it got to him.

Beware the desert. Beware the lake. Beware the scorpion. Beware the snake. Beware the beasts. There're everywhere. Beware your demons. Beware your fears. Beware the night. Beware the dark. Beware the sun. Beware the light. Beware to experience. Beware to feel. Beware to explore. Beware to see. Beware the adventure. Beware to dare. Beware of life. Beware the beasts. Beware to live. Beware to dream. Beware to live. Beware to live.

But it got to him. He really froze.

The last week, the last 2 days, the last day.

It got to him. He really froze.

At the end it was time. He barley made it. He barely packed. He went and rushed. He took the train. He sat there frozen. Full of doubts. Full of fears. Full of voices. Thoughts of beasts. He fell asleep.

He woke up halfway. He was more determined. He was going there. He missed that place. He wanted back. He missed that place. He wanted back. He sees it now. It's getting closer. He made it there. He shaved his beard. He took his time. He won't be rushed. He showed up late. He won't be rushed. He'll take his time. He'll take his time.

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